Note Worthy Cooking

Good Food and Good Music. What more can you ask for?


Last year I decided to live in a dorm. I thought a dorm would be that idyllic tv show college experience that one should never miss out on. Well…. I can certainly say it was an experience. One of the only good things that came out of it was my roommate who I cannot live without and a desire to never EVER eat cafeteria food again. At the end of the semester I started taking over my friends apartments and having a thursday night dinner. I cant tell you how amazing it is to cook for yourself after almost a year of eating precooked, microwavable food. This is where my idea for a cooking blog began. Finally the year in that fateful dorm was over and right when I was about to have a kitchen again I left for Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Coming back from a six week trip to Argentina inspired me to cook even more. After gorging myself with medialunas (sweet croissants), dulce de leche and empanadas, I wanted to bring some of the food and culture back home and incorporate it into this blog.  In Argentina eating is an experience that takes hours to finish. Come dinner time, I would sit down with my host mother and start our four course meal which usually lasted from 8pm to 11pm. Three hours to eat seems like an absurd amount of time for most Americans because we are so used to this fast paced, scarf it down, feel too full way of eating. My goal is to slow down my lunch/dinner hours and actually savor the food. I also plan to use mostly organic products because I live within ten blocks in both directions of two awesome organic supermarkets. I just realized that this blog may drain my bank account dry. 🙂

On another note,  I am obsessed with music. I realize this has very little to do with cooking however when I cook, I must confess I get a little bored. (“Blame it on my ADD baby..” AWOLnation) So I jazz things up with well … jazz or samba or rock etc… Not only am I going to try and post a new recipe every week, I am also planning to post a song that was stuck in my head that week so hopefully it will be stuck in your head too haha.

PS. I am a vegetarian so I apologize ahead of time for all you meat lovers out there. The recipes will not have meat in them but feel free to incorporate meat into the recipes!! 


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