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Tortilla de Patata

IMMM BAAACCCKKKK!!! so after a month and something break, I interrupt my silence with a delicious and easy recipe. Apparently I used to gobble this typical Spanish cuisine up when I was little. The story goes that my parents ordered the tortilla one minute and the next, 5 year old me, had eaten it all! Haha it sure does sound like me! My mom still makes tortilla de patata today and even though I can no longer finish it in five minutes, it is still one of my favorite meals.


5 small (ish)  potatoes 

1/2 of an onion

Smidge of olive oil

5 eggs

Salt and Pepper to taste


We begin the recipe by cheating a little heehee. I microwaved the potatoes for four minutes instead of cooking them on a skillet. (I do this because it takes FOREVER to cook potatoes and often I decide to make these things when Im already starving! oops!) While the potatoes are microwaving, chop up the onion and start cooking it on low heat with the olive oil. When the potatoes are done, peel them and chop them up into small pieces. You dont want to make the pieces too big because then the tortilla should be a fairly even mixture between egg and potato. Put the chopped up potatoes in the pan with the onions and let it simmer.

Then crack the five eggs into one large bowl and whisk the eggs together and add salt and pepper to this mixture. Pour the potato mixture into the bowl with the eggs and then back into the frying pan. This is to make sure the potatoes and eggs are mixed evenly.Take out another pan that is roughly the size of the one with the potatoes and onions and put it next to the pan that is cooking. Now here comes the hard part. I am terrible at flipping and it always ends up looking really lopsided. Once the sides of the egg/potato mixture is cooked you need to flip the tortilla into the other pan. My suggestion is to flip it over the sink because if you mess up egg/potato mess all over your stove is a hassle to clean up. Hopefully, you will be more skilled than me and it will turn out beautifully. Then let it finish cooking and you have a delicious tortilla de patata.

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