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MINI Cherry Pies!

Every year for my birthday I would switch between yellow cake with chocolate icing (Also my dads favorite cake) or cherry pie. Well this year is apparently cherry pie year and I am so excited!  I decided to do a variation on my traditional pie by making it MINI!, so each person can have their own individual pie 🙂 I cannot WAIT until tomorrow to try these delicious looking pies annnnnndddd BECAUSE ITS MY BIRRRTHDDAYYY!  I will be also putting up a recipe of Quinoa Burgers (my birthday meal) tomorrow or the next day. As my boyfriend says I am testing my families love (not to mention his!) by seeing what all they will eat for me heehee. Hopefully they will still love me after trying the Quinoa burgers and maybe even want to have it again!


1 can of cherry pie filling

1/4 tsp of almond flavoring*

1/2 tsp of cinnamon

3 cups of sifted flour

1 tsp of salt

1 1/4 cups of crisco

5 tbsp of ICE cold water

1 tbsp of vinegar

1 egg

* If you dont have almond flavoring its not a big deal

** this will make about 2 pie crusts and I most of it for this recipe *

Pie Crust:

In one bowl mix together the flour, salt and crisco. Into the first bowl pour the egg, water and vinegar until the dry mix has stuck together. It may take a little more or less of the liquid mix just depending how the dough feels in your hands. It shouldnt be too sticky but it shouldnt be falling apart in your hands either. Form a ball of dough in your hand and wrap it in saran wrap. Put it in your fridge for roughly an hour.

** Also a hint about pie dough: The less you handle it the better! (Unlike bread dough) *

Meanwhile stir together the almond flavoring, cinnamon and cherry pie filling and TRY not to eat it all 😉

After the hour has passed, preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Then take out the dough and put it on a large cutting board with a little bit of flour on top. Roll out the dough until it is really thin but not so thin that it breaks apart. Now for this part I used a bowl but anything round with approximately of a four inch diameter will work. Take the top of the bowl and use it kind of like a cookie cutter. Once you have cut out however many circles you need, delicately put it in the muffin tin. The sides will probably curl together in the tin so just press the sides together until they are somewhat circular and even. (This is more for aesthetics than anything else)

Also with the excess dough, I cut out heart and flower shapes to put on-top of the pie.

Spoon in the cherry filling into the muffin tins until its about 2/3rds full. Then put the heart and flower on top of the pie.

Put the pies into the oven for about 15 minutes or until browned.

Song of the Day:

Requiem- M. Ward



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